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Building a custom home is a financial commitment, and we realize how important this decision is for you. We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that your home is built with top-quality craftmanship and stays both on budget and on schedule.
Home Design - the process (02)

There is not much better than the feeling of living in a brand new house that was built to your specifications and design. It all begins with the design and drafting of the new house. Greystone Homes is at your service throughout the design phase—the development of the drawings and specifications for your new home. We listen and help to develop a set of drawings that turns your dream into a reality.

Each client comes to us at differing points in their journey through a design phase. Some come with just the idea and a dream of a new house. Others come with a complete floorplan, modified to meet their desires. But most people we work with lie somewhere in between. Wherever they are on their journey, we encourage clients to send us pictures and ideas of what they do and do not want for their new home.

We also encourage clients to take as much time as necessary working on the design of the house! In our experience it is important not to rush this part of the new home construction. Greystone has the experience and the expertise to supplement your ideas, while always ensuring that the final result will be structurally sound, meet all building codes, and be highly functional.

Home Design - the process (02)

If your vision doesn’t involve a completely custom home— no worries! Greystone Homes also has a stock of unique blueprints that are higher quality, much more differentiated than the typical subdivision build, and will look distinctive in your neighbourhood. We can build these as-is, but often, we work with clients to introduce unique modifications.

Once you are happy and have given your stamp of approval for the new home plans/design, it is time to complete the construction contract and collect the deposit. Once we do this, it is time to start the actual construction of your home.

This is an exciting time and is perhaps the most demanding time for decision-making from the client. Large decisions about selections of flooring, cabinetry, windows and others are made at this time, so that all these items can ordered/manufactured and ready for installation when needed.

People we build homes for often use a Greystone interior designer to help them with the selection process (strongly recommended), or choose to make the selections on their own around finishings and colour palette. Overall, clients find that using an interior designer is extremely valuable— but not all clients find it necessary. During the construction process, we encourage you to be as involved as you like. Asking questions is an important part to any relationship and particular one between a home builder and a client.

After the house has been completed and ready for you to take possession, we walk-through the house and identify any areas of concern or potential defects that will need attention. These items are recorded and corrected.

After you have approved the house— it is ready for possession. After all the work and effort the house is now a home and the clients’ dreams have become a reality.

The work is not over for Greystone, as we provide full warranty and complete another round of touch ups for our clients after they have lived and used the house for one full year.

Let’s explore the process.

Our process is based in experience with building many homes in Saskatchewan, and adaptable for any kind of custom home build. Let’s discuss!