At Greystone, we are passionate about crafting enriching environments for children and their caregivers.

At Greystone, we understand the intricate details involved in establishing secure and compliant spaces for daycares, especially concerning zoning regulations, permits, and qualifications for grants. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through these administrative challenges, working closely with you to realize a facility that fosters a lifelong journey of learning and development for kids.

Whether you lean towards simple, child-friendly ambiance or an elaborate play haven, factors like architectural style, layout intricacies, and kid-centric features such as engaging play zones and cozy nooks all influence the overall costs. We know how to build engaging interiors and playgrounds that make your daycare a happy second home, serving the unique needs of young children— while working within your budget.

Hepburn Childcare Hub 1284

Whether Greystone is undertaking your daycare development or renovation, when you go with us, you get all the advantages where the daycare builder is also the daycare designer. We infuse thoughtfulness, a commitment to quality, and personal touches in our developments. Honesty and accountability are at the heart of our approach to design and build.

Hepburn Childcare Hub

Like many daycares in the province of Saskatchewan, the Hepburn Childcare Hub was made possible by the provincial government’s extensive grants for childcare space conversion to meet the demand for subsidized daycare, provided that standards are met or exceeded in the daycare build.

This 2500-square foot daycare build was a remodeling of an old Mennonite College dorm building, with structural modifications so we could open it up and meet requirements for a beautiful children’s play and learning space and caregivers.

Hepburn Childcare Hub

Hepburn Childcare Hub
Hepburn, SK

2500 sq. ft.

Rosetown Kid Kare

Rosetown Kid Care

Rosetown Kid Kare
Rosetown, SK

7800 sq. ft. (planned)

A vision for an exceptional childcare facility is coming closer to being a reality in Rosetown. A 7800-square foot daycare that will accommodate 90 children, every step from design to permits has been carefully thought through with support from the municipal government.

Peruse the renderings of Rosetown Kid Kare to learn more.

Renovating or adding to your daycare? Call us.

Childcare centres are very often fashioned out of existing buildings instead of new ones. Just like new childcare centre builds, creating a daycare or childcare hub via renovation needs to account for education, fun, and safety. Having a detailed plan in place is essential. A proper plan ensures that you know your goals and your budget, and can anticipate any obstacles along the way.

Greystone Homes can walk you through planning, permitting, and the childcare centre licensing process in Saskatchewan. We can help you determine your budget and to come up with a detailed plan for your renovation. If renovation is central to your grand childcare centre vision, call us.

Childcare Centres and Renovation

There’s never been a better time to build a childcare centre in Saskatchewan.

Renovation or new build— talk to us about your daycare dreams. We’re ready to help you make it reality.