Ready To Move (RTM) is a home built completely on-site at our Rosetown construction yard and moved to the location of your choice. This allows for the logistical advantage of us having a centrally located build site without the need and expense of hiring tradespeople who must travel to your home’s location. This allows for a very efficient building process with a shorter duration and lower costs. You save money and time!

Some RTMs require development of an on-site basement for mechanical installation, pre-move. However, we also build completely self-contained units perfect for locations like lakes or acreages where a full basement is not desired. Our expertly, elegantly built RTM homes are ready to be moved to and installed at the location of your choice.

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RTM Homes for Sale

The Berkeley (1382 sq. ft.)     SOLD
The Morgan (1162 sq. ft.)     SOLD
The Willowbrook II (1354 sq. ft.)     SOLD

Moving and Preparation


We’ll work with you to design your home! You get to decide the floorplan, accessories and finishing. And we’ll build exactly to your specifications.


Our team works with you through the entire build process to produce a structurally sound, custom built, and quality home.


We work exclusively with skilled and trusted tradespeople to provide you with a suitable foundation and/or basement. Alternatively, we can provide you with a foundation drawing that can be used by the contractor of your choice.


Moving an entire house isn’t your typical moving day! We work with Neufeld Building Movers to ensure your RTM home travels safely to your lot. They have nearly 70 years of experience moving buildings and ensure transportation is executed smoothly.

Our team works with you through the entire build process to produce a structurally sound, custom built, and quality home.

Delivery area

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Presently, Greystone Homes will deliver RTM home packages to three different provinces:

  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
For further questions

RTM Information & FAQ

What is an RTM Home?

A Ready To Move home is a home that is built completely in one piece at a centralized construction location, and then moved onto a permanent foundation or basement. An RTM home can be custom-designed just like traditional site-built homes, is built using the same standards and techniques, and the finished home looks no different.

How is an RTM home different from a modular or mobile home?

Ready To Move homes are not the same as prefabricated and factory-built modular or mobile homes. 

Modular homes are typically constructed in factories, in 2 or more pieces. The pieces would be sent to you and put together on your site. Mobile homes are mass-produced in factories with a limited number of floor plans and finishing options available. The materials used are usually not comparable to those used in site built or RTM homes. 

All of our RTM homes are constructed from the ground-up in our Rosetown construction yard by passionate and skilled tradespeople. The completed home is then loaded onto moving beams connected to the moving truck that delivers your new home to your permanent foundation.

Are RTM’s as high of quality as a site-built home?

Yes! In fact, RTMs are built stronger with extra structure than a site-built home in order to minimize the risk of damage during the move.

What are the main reasons to consider an RTM?

An RTM is a cost-effective and time-effective option that provides convenience and quality control. We build all RTM homes at our centrally located construction site, which brings several logistical advantages and makes for an efficient and timely build process. The quality and availability of our tradespeople is guaranteed in advance so you can ensure that RTM will be ready on time, in good time.

After your home is moved onto your foundation and you have had your power hooked up, Greystone Homes’ service people will visit your home to fix any of these deficiencies caused during the move and to re-install the products that were not installed before the move. Our painters will then come to your home and apply a final coat of paint as required.

Can I change the floor plan?

Absolutely! If you do not find what you are looking for amongst our selection of floor plans, you have lots of options. We can work with you to adapt or customize any of these floor plans, develop a new floor plan designed specifically for you, or build from another plan that you might already have.

What about the foundation or basement?

With our support and guidance, you will be responsible for arranging for the foundation to be completed while we are building your RTM. We can provide you with a foundation drawing that can be used by the contractor of your choice. We can also refer you to the skilled tradespeople that we trust will provide you with a suitable foundation and/or basement. To learn more read our blog about RTM foundation preparation.

Can an RTM have an attached garage?

Absolutely! If you would like to add a garage to your RTM home project, we can build it and have it delivered as part of the RTM house.

How is a finished RTM home moved?

Moving an entire house isn’t your typical move day! We employ the professional services of the Neufeld Building Movers to ensure your RTM home is transported safely. For information about the type of equipment and processes that are used to load, move, and unload an RTM home, please visit the website of Neufeld Building Movers at

Will my RTM be damaged during transportation?

To ensure that your finished home is not damaged during the move, we employ the professional services of the most experienced and trusted building movers in Saskatchewan. 

Although an RTM home is built stronger with more structural reinforcements than are necessary for site-built home, it is normal to expect some minor cosmetic damage during the move. But don’t worry, any damage will be repaired by our crew after the move is complete. We wait until after the move to install interior doors and fixtures to protect them from damage and prevent the need for replacement or re-installation. Finishings and final coats of paint are also completed after the move.

How much does it cost to transport my RTM to the location site?

The moving costs depend on the location of the site and the size of the RTM. We work with Neufeld Building Movers and can help you arrange an estimate for your move. 

Where do you deliver RTMs?

We can deliver RTM homes to anywhere within Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba. 

Why is an RTM the best choice for building in rural areas?

Because time is money! RTMs are built in a controlled, centralized location where all trades and parts are readily available, RTMs eliminate the delays and extra costs associated with contractors travelling back and forth from your rural location. RTM’s provide the best value for anybody considering a home-build away from a major centre. You’ll save time and money! 

Can I use an RTM in the city?

RTMs are ideal for rural lots, small towns and lake town lots. RTM homes may be allowed in some city lots depending on the city’s bylaws and development standards, as well as the architectural guidelines of individual subdivisions.

Can I finance an RTM home in the same ways I would finance a traditional home?

Before you qualify for an RTM mortgage, most lenders will require that the home be laid in place on it’s foundation and that the home is insured. You may also be required to provide a local building permit, copies of blueprints for your project, a purchase contract, and land ownership documentation. We are here to support you and help provide the necessary documents for the mortgage application process.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Greystone Homes is a registered member of both the Saskatchewan Home Builders Association. All homes are covered with the National Home Warranty. We also carry course-of-construction insurance on all projects. 

At possession, a walk-through of the house is completed using a detailed spreadsheet that covers all items in the house, listed room-by-room. The homeowner and builder complete the Certificate of Possession together and each sign it before sending it to the National Home Warranty. We, the builders, are then responsible for the rectification of any problems identified on the Certificate of Possession.

Is a Ready-to-Move part of the process for your new home?

Let’s talk about your aspirations for the place where you’ll live, and what’s right for what you envision.