Hepburn Childcare Hub - 1406

On an acreage north of Saskatoon, Greystone Homes built this addition for this modern farmhouse-style abode that turned out beautifully — from structure to natural lighting. Collaborating with the owner from start to finish, we expanded and transformed their kitchen, living room, added a dining room and two upstairs bedrooms. 

One gorgeous feature we added to the space is the geothermally heated concrete floor, polished with clear concrete sealer to lend the floor a light gloss throughout the entire living space. Zone control makes the heating efficient by letting the owner control what parts of the house are heated. 

Hepburn Childcare Hub 1281
Hepburn Childcare Hub - 1406

Finally, a key part of this renovation was the not-trivial task of cottage-style adjoining of two roofs – the original and the extension. The result is a gorgeous but seamless look that looks like the residence was built like this from the start!

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