As Saskatoon grows, there are many reasons to consider adding population density to our established neighbourhoods instead of building suburbs. 

Density lowers residents’ property taxes by reducing the burden on local resources and the infrastructure needed to carry those resources out to areas farther and farther away. While building outwards is something we don’t have to constrain in the open prairies of Saskatchewan, adding meaningful rental spaces to existing neighbourhoods is a great way to reconsider our relationship to space. 

Adding a rental unit to your property is a great way to lower your carbon footprint while contributing to thriving communities and generating income! If you’re ready to downsize, Greystone homes are ready to help you convert your extra space into a cozy and beautiful rental space. 

Are you considering building a basement rental unit in Saskatoon? 

If you’re looking to generate extra passive income, a rental unit might be the way to go! Putting a basement suite in your home can add value to your property and is a great way to downsize without moving. At Greystone, we are familiar with the permits and bylaws around building a second suite in your home and can give you straightforward advice, a clear timeline, and a reasonable quote.


3 key questions to ask before adding a secondary suite to your basement rental unit:


  1. Will you need to install larger windows or are they already large enough to accommodate a legal basement suite?

    For newer builds, the windows in the basement are installed with adding bedrooms in mind. Building codes stipulate the size of windows necessary for a basement bedroom to be safe and legal. In Saskatoon, the fire code determines the minimum window size for a home must be an unobstructed opening of at least 0.35m² (3.8ft²), and both the height and width of the window cannot be less than 380mm (15in).
    In addition, there are further stipulations for windows under decks and those with window wells. The fire codes in Saskatoon are designed to allow your tenant(s) to safely escape the property in the event of an emergency, so they are a necessary consideration for any homeowner looking to add a secondary suite to their home.

  2. Is there room to accommodate two separate laundry areas, or will you choose shared laundry?

    Sharing spaces is a part of having a secondary suite in your home, whether it’s the yard or green space, laundry, or a parking spot. All of these considerations are part of becoming a landlord. Shared laundry is an economical option, but there are also ways to accommodate separate laundry if that is important to you. In addition, separate laundry is a potential draw for mature tenants.

  3. How much noise is tolerable for you and your potential tenants?

    Noise is a key factor to consider when adding a basement suite to your home. There are several ways to limit the noise transfer between the two units, but it is something to consider right off the bat––as it will need to be accommodated in the early stages of your renovation. Materials such as cork, fibreglass insulation, and carpet can be incorporated into the design of your suite to absorb the noise transfer between you and your potential tenant or guest. 


A rental suite is great for your child as they enter university! 


If your kids are getting ready to move into adulthood and start their university or college education, a rental suite is a great way to allow them to enter adulthood without fleeing the coop. This option combines the benefits of living at home with the added independence of separate entrance and a sense of freedom. University accommodations can be expensive, and the freedom to live independently without paying the full market price for an apartment or dorm is a win-win for all. 

The benefit of adding a secondary suite for your child is that once they are ready to move into their own space, you can continue to generate income from the converted suite well into the future! A rental suite is an excellent way to build passive income as you age. 


Are you a caregiver looking for a second suite? 

basement rental suite for senior

A secondary suite can promote independence while also having immediate access to care. A secondary suite is a great way to care for your family while maintaining privacy and autonomy. If you are a caregiver and are looking to accommodate your parents or inlaws as they age, we can help build an accessible space in your home. 


Generate passive income by listing your space online! 

If you want to build a unit that can accommodate guests and Airbnb goers alike, we are on board! Creating a unique guest experience is something our design team is ready for. We’ve made all kinds of fun additions to homes, including a slide! If you’re looking to get a five-star rating with friends and strangers alike, we can build it. 


We are Saskatchewan’s experts in building thoughtful & practical home conversions.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into a rental or guest suite, we are here to help. As certified builders with years of renovation experience, we are ready to build your passive income suite to accommodate your changing needs and living styles. Talk to us today.