Many of us have been working from home this year, causing us to evaluate our spaces and where we live. If you have been wondering if moving out of the city and onto a beautiful rural lot is right for you, a Ready To Move (RTM) home could help you make the move. A half-acre of land, a beautiful tree-lined property, and your new RTM home–built by hand in Saskatchewan. What more could you ask for? 


What are the benefits of moving out of the city? 


It’s not just the gorgeous prairie views and the vast living skies, although that sells us alone! Living outside the city has a lot more benefits than the view. 


  • Living rurally costs less

    As soon as you leave the city, the cost of living begins to decrease. Buying a property will be more affordable than within the city––giving you more choice for your money. Property taxes and services can also be less expensive, while the standard of living remains largely unchanged (depending on the area you choose).
  • Commuting in Saskatchewan is easy

    While we are all apt to complain about highway commuting, the reality is that most commuting in Saskatchewan is easy and fast. Depending on how far outside of the city you go, average commute times can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour with minimal variation day-to-day. Weather is one important consideration, however. Ensure that you have a vehicle that you feel comfortable commuting in during the winter.
  • Small towns offer community

    Many of the stereotypes about small towns are true, people really do go out of their way to get to know everyone! Moving to a small town can give you access to a small community environment that can be harder to find in a big city. 

Big sky on a priarie road outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



RTM homes are perfect for your rural prairie lot. 


Whether you are moving to a small town or building your lake property, an RTM is a perfect fit. They are a great way to have a custom-built, move-in-ready home to start your next adventure. Each home is built in full at our Rosetown site, and your new RTM can be fully customized to suit your family’s needs and moved to your lot in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba. Unlike a trailer home or modular home, RTMs are built to your specifications and are ready for your family to move in when they leave our build site. You can also customize your RTM to your needs by choosing a floor plan and finishes that are right for you and your family. 


Your RTM can be built with or without a basement, depending on your needs. We work with skilled tradespeople who have the same dedication to detail that we do. We are able to manage the building of your foundation or provide schematics for you to send to a contractor of your choice. 

How do we move your new RTM home? 


After we create your custom dream home from one of our starting floorplans, we pre-build the foundation that will soon hold you and your family. We build your home from scratch at our Rosetown lot and then deliver it to your lot, ready to contain all the joy of your friends and family. It’s not your average moving day when you’re moving a whole house, but we are used to it!  We work with Neufeld Building Movers, who have almost 70 years of expertise under their belts, to get your new home to you safely. 

Is there any difference between an RTM mortgage and a traditional mortgage? 


Many lenders will require your home to be laid on its foundation and insured before you will qualify for a mortgage. There are also some additional steps such as land ownership agreements, a purchase contract, and a building permit. RTM homes are our specialty, and we are intimately familiar with this process. Our team is available to walk you through every step of the process, from design, to build, to move-in. If you have questions about this process, we are here to answer you. As the RTM experts, servicing the entire prairie provinces, we have worked with hundreds of families as they build their custom homes. We are happy to help you get the home of your dreams.

Saskatoon flower blossoming

Rural mortgages can be harder to obtain, so preparation is key. 


While rurally located properties can save you money, the process of getting a mortgage is actually a lot more complicated. Rural properties are seen as a riskier investment because they are harder to resell if the owner defaults on their mortgage due to their location. There are some ways you can make this process easier: 


  • Have a significant down-payment saved before seeking a lender
  • Choose a private lender who specializes in rural property instead of a bank
  • Ensure you are prepared by researching the process (we can help!) 


If you’ve been dreaming about getting away from the city, we can help. 


Grow your dream garden, buy a plot of land, and live in a custom new home. We are passionate about your needs. At Greystone Homes, we are quality-driven and detail-oriented.  If you think a custom-built RTM home is the perfect solution to your plot of nature, we are ready to start the process with you and your family.