We love living in Saskatoon and we want you to feel as excited as we are. We’ve compiled some of our favourite neighbourhoods to live in–from infill locations to new developments. At Greystone, we want to be a part of creating your dream home and selecting the right neighbourhood to live in is just as important as ensuring you love your new home. This is our guide to getting started, whether you’re new to Saskatoon, or have enjoyed it for many years, we know this will help you choose the right area for your needs. 

The Meewasin River Valley is a central feature of Saskatoon living.

If you want to live in an established neighbourhood close to the river, infill housing or renovating a heritage property is a great way to enjoy your dream home in a beautiful area.  Many of the areas closest to the river have gorgeous character homes that can be updated to your family’s needs. Infill housing is a great way to join an established community and all the benefits that come with them, like boutique shops, summer festivals, and more! Read our guide to infill housing to find out more about why we love building in some of our favourite older neighbourhoods. 

If you’re in the market, we have two available lots currently, both located on Spadina Avenue East––right on the riverfront! Live right along the expansive trail network and relaxing sand-bars that Saskatoon is known for.  You can learn more about the lots we currently have on our website

View of the Saskatchewan river

Our favourite neighbourhoods within walking distance of the South Saskatchewan River:

  • Caswell Hill
  • City Park
  • Riversdale
  • King George
  • Broadway/Nutana

A new build in the suburbs has all the amenities and more! 

Living in the suburbs has some great perks! Communities that are newly developed with large parks, trails, and all new infrastructure have a definite appeal. Building a new home can be daunting, but when you have a great property and the freedom to develop your space to your needs, it makes the process feel a lot smoother. Our fully customizable floor plans can accommodate anyone from large families to young first-time home-buyers. If you’re looking for a particular lot, you can view new land releases on the City of Saskatoon website.  We can help you find your perfect space if you reach out to us––we’re here. 

Our favourite suburban neighbourhoods:

  • Evergreen
  • Aspen Ridge
  • Stonebridge

5 reasons to try suburban living in Saskatchewan. 

  1. Space

    Suburban developments tend to prioritize larger lot sizes and more space between homes. In addition, these neighbourhoods are often built to suit a modern family lifestyle: lots of paved pathways for dog walking, parks for children, and access to shops and restaurants that are specific to the area.
  2. Affordability

    You’ll find that your dollar stretches further the farther away from the city centre you go. In addition, renovating an older home or building new on an infill lot can run into costly snags with city bylaws including permits, neighbourhood restrictions, and heritage property bylaws.
  3. New schools

    Newly developed suburban areas require building new schools to accommodate the growing population. This means there is a budget for integrated technology, open floor plans, and interactive design. All of these things can have a positive impact on your child’s education.
  4. Noise & light

    Living out of the city, looking out over the expansive prairie landscape in all directions… it’s incredibly peaceful! Living outside of the city centre is quieter and has significantly less light pollution––giving you a better night’s rest.
  5. Greenspace

    The suburbs are developed with a lot of green space so you can get out into the park. In addition, the paved pathways are accessible, safe, and great for running, biking, or even roller skating! Some neighbourhoods also border the Northeast Swale, which is part of the gorgeous Meewasin Valley nature preserve––a huge plus for anyone who loves being outdoors. 

couple in their new infill home

No matter where you choose to live, we can build your prairie dream home.

Whether you choose Saskatoon proper or anywhere in Saskatchewan, we can work with you. Our family-owned business always works towards being the expert in customizable homes, whether you choose an RTM, infill, or a hide-away in the sprawl. Reach out today and let’s get to work––together!