Building your home is about more than putting a new roof over your head, it’s a chance to build a place that deeply reflects your tastes, interests, and lifestyle. It can be very difficult to define so we always have an interior designer talk to you about your dream home. Our reputation is built on custom home building, and making your new home the home of your dreams is our passion!


Prepare for the designer in 3 easy steps!

Find inspiration

Search out different designs and homes that speak to you and collect them into a Pinterest board or save them on your Instagram. Collecting this imagery will tell you a lot about the preferences you already have and help you articulate them. Check out our gallery to see other homes we’ve built to get you started.                                                                                                                       

Think about your current home

Look at your current space and ask yourself what you would change and why. Maybe your cabinets are exploding with tupperware or you’re tired of sharing a sink with your partner at bedtime, or perhaps you need a home office or a reading nook. Consider every area and then think about the flow of your new space; how it would feel to move through your new space with a separate pantry, a kitchen island, and a double vanity. 

Consider the future

What are your future goals? Are you downsizing and retiring but want to host your grandchildren? Maybe you’re newly married, buying your first home, and thinking about starting a family. No matter what kind of life you’re making, thinking about where you see yourself in 5-10 years will allow you to build a space to reflect your future needs. 


A designer makes your vision real

The reason we choose to work with a designer is because they have knowledge about the practical side of completing a project on budget and the ability to help you realize your dreams. They know how to take all the information and goals you give them, and turn it into a beautiful space. Not only that, but they can challenge you to think about space and materials in a new way! Customizing one of our floorplans is easy when you have a designer to collaborate with you during the process. 


Let’s build your dream home together!

At Greystone, we love working with you to customize your new space, whether it’s one of our RTM’s or a custom home in the big city. We have an amazing team ready to collaborate on your new build. From the initial design phase through to the successful completion of your project, Greystone Homes will maintain open communication and keep you updated on the progress. Our many years of custom home building experience allows us to guarantee that every detail will conform to the highest standards. Give us a call today and let’s start building!