Not your typical moving day

Perhaps the most exciting part of any RTM home build is moving day! When you choose a Ready To Move home from Greystone Homes, it is built completely on site at our Rosetown construction yard and then moved onto the location of your choice. We are located in Southeastern Saskatchewan with easy access to communities near Kindersley, Saskatoon, North Battleford, and Swift Current, but can also deliver to anywhere across Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba. We work exclusively with the experienced building movers at Neufeld Building Movers to ensure the entire move goes smoothly. You might be wondering, how do we move an entire house to another location. We outline the steps below! 

Route Planning and Preparation

To get your home from our construction site in Rosetown to its foundation on your property, the route will need to be carefully planned around obstacles and busy highways. In order to move your RTM with the most precision and efficiency possible, you will need to prepare the following:

  • Thorough directions to your property including specific road numbers. 
  • Photographs of potential obstacles along the route to your property such as bridges, soft roads, ditches with high-water, or trees hanging over the road. 
  • A detailed diagram of your property.
  • A detailed map of your property indicating the exact location of your foundation as well as any other structures or trees. 
  • The dimensions of your property from corner to corner.
  • The distances between the foundation and any other structures or trees. 
  • Photographs of the property from all directions. 


The Move

With all of the information you help gather about the route options, Neufeld Building Movers works with you to plan the best route with the fewest obstacles. After it has been confirmed that the roads along the proposed route each have a minimum width of 22 feet across, any trees hanging over the roads along the route will need to be trimmed to allow for 2 feet of clearance at the widest point of the house on either side. The move day starts at the Rosetown Construction yard when Neufeld Building Movers arrive to load up your finished RTM house onto their semi. Then, it is carefully driven along the predetermined route to your property.


Unloading Onto Your Foundation

Depending on the size and intended orientation of your house on the property, the RTM may be unloaded from the side or from the back end of the semi truck onto your foundation. Either way, 20 – 30 feet of extra space on all sides of the foundation will be needed for the semi to drive up to the foundation for unloading. A crane truck will then place the house over the foundation and lower it into position. For information on how to prepare your foundation before moving day, read our blog.


Finishing Touches

After your home has been moved onto your foundation and you have had your power and water hooked up, Greystone Homes’ service people will visit your home to fix any deficiencies caused during the move such as cracked drywall or popped nails. We will also install any fixtures such as closet doors and light fixtures that were not installed before the move in order to minimize damage. Then, the final coats of paint can be applied to complete the project so you can start moving in! 


Move In and Warranty

At possession, a walk-through of the house is completed using a detailed spreadsheet that covers all items in the house, listed room-by-room. The homeowner and builder complete the Certificate of Possession together and each sign it before sending it to the National Home Warranty. We, the builders, are then responsible for the rectification of any problems identified on the Certificate of Possession. For more information on the National Home Warranty, visit their website. 

RTM homes are the best choice for rural home builds

RTM’s provide the best value for anybody considering a home-build away from a major centre. By moving the house after building it in a controlled, centralized location where all trades and parts are readily available, RTMs eliminate the delays and extra costs associated with contractors travelling back and forth from your rural location. It only takes a little extra planning and preparation to get your home to its final location. If you live in rural Southwestern Saskatchewan, an RTM from Greystone Homes might be just right for you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your plans!