A Solid Foundation for Your Home 

The foundation is one of the most important parts of a new home build. As with any new home, a new RTM home requires a solid foundation to maintain structural integrity as it ages. While we build your RTM home at the Greystone Homes construction yard near Rosetown, you’ll need to prepare your foundation. The entire structure of your house is supported by the foundation, so it’s important to ensure the integrity of the job, whether you’re taking it on yourself or hiring professionals.

Foundation Types 

Modern homes can be built on foundations of two common types: a basement or a grade beam.

A basement requires digging a deep hole, building a foundation footing at the bottom, and then pouring a concrete perimeter of structural foundation walls typically between eight to nine feet in height. These walls become support for the RTM home which is placed on top.

A grade beam is essentially a miniature basement, typically used when the earth is tough to dig through. It consists of three foot high foundation wall that stands on piles and supports the above-ground structure.

Simplify Your Home Build by Choosing a Self-Contained RTM

If you are considering an RTM home for a cottage or a secondary home and you want to avoid the costs and potential complications of building a basement, a self-contained RTM home could be your solution. A self-contained RTM home is designed with no basement in mind and can be placed directly onto screw piles and wood beams. 

The benefits of choosing a self-contained RTM home with no basement are:

  • It requires little site preparation and less formwork for the concrete slab foundation. 
  • The foundation build process is relatively simple and very little labor is required, which is ideal if you are building the foundation yourself.
  • The slab foundation requires fewer steps than other foundation types.
  • Shorter foundation preparation time required. 
  • A slab foundation is less costly than other foundation types. 

Amidst the excitement and busyness of building a new home, it can be easy to overlook the foundation. To ensure that the journey into your new home is as smooth as possible, you’ll need to prepare the building site and foundation well ahead of delivery day. Choosing a self-contained RTM home will simplify the foundation preparation process by saving you time and money. Whatever you choose for your foundation, our team at Greystone Homes is ready to support you with reliable information, and we can recommend trusted tradespeople to help you ensure you have a solid foundation for your RTM home in Saskatchewan.