Thinking about building in a rural area?

Building a home is a huge undertaking and we understand the importance of the many decisions that come with the commitment. Whether you’re building a new home on site or considering the ready to move home build process, the logistical details can be overwhelming and our team of experts is ready to help! If you are building a rural home, here are some of the benefits rtm homes can bring:

Lower your costs 

Choosing the ready to move home build process means you save on the expenses of hiring tradespeople who must travel to and from your rural location. Our RTM homes are built completely on site at our Rosetown construction yard and moved onto the location of your choice. The construction process is streamlined and happens in a controlled environment where you know you won’t be facing any of the surprise costs that so often come up in a site ‘stick-built’ home. 

Move-in sooner

Building a new home onsite can take ages. Save all the time it takes to wade through red tape and make decisions around an onsite custom built home. If you’re ready to build *now*, we can start your RTM home now! We build all RTM homes at our centrally located build site, which brings several logistical advantages and makes for an efficient and timely build process. With a Greystone Homes RTM, the quality and availability of our tradespeople is guaranteed in advance so you can ensure that RTM will be ready on time, in good time!  

Build in any season 

When onsite home builds are often season-dependent, ready to move homes are be built in our Rosetown construction yard and moved to your rural location at any time of year, even through the winter. Why wait for spring when you can start now?

Make it convenient and easy 

From the plan and design stage through the construction stage to the move and installation stage, our RTM home build process is tried and true. We make it simple and easy for you by working with you! Almost every aspect of your RTM home can be customized to your wants and needs. You get to decide the floorplan, accessories and finishing. And we’ll build exactly to your specifications. 

Receive the best available quality and skill 

It can be hard to find reliable and skilled tradespeople in rural areas who you can trust to build your home. Our team works with you through the entire build process to produce a structurally sound, custom built, and quality home. With a Greystone Homes RTM home, you can relax knowing that you’re getting the best skill and quality of material for your home build. The process and materials used for building our RTMs are very similar to hose used in building ‘stick-built’ homes, which we can deliver to your rural location where such quality and reliability may not be available. 

Save stress and simplify your rural home build with a Greystone Homes RTM home

Rural home building can be expensive and complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Choosing a ready to move home from Greystone Homes can not only save you time and money, but also bring ease and flexibility to your home build plan without sacrificing quality. If you’re thinking about building a home in a rural community anywhere across the prairie provinces, get in touch with us today so we can get started on your ready to move home!